Harney, Indian fighter, understood Seminoles' resistance

Col. William Selby Harney never refused refused to carry out harsh orders, but Harney understood the underhanded lengths his superiors would go to rid Florida of the Seminoles. And he realized realized the Seminoles' sometimes violent resistance was justified.

He persuaded Chief Bolechs, better known as Billy Bowlegs to leave Florida Florida for the West. Harney arranged for the government to pay Billy Bowlegs $6,500, plus $1,000 each for four of his subchiefs, $500 for warriors and $100 for each woman massacre came when Seminoles covered they'd been duped. The attack and other successes proved that Harney was an able Indian fighter, but Florida historian Gene M. Burnett writes in Florida's Past that Harney also proved to be a friend of the Seminoles.