Payne Building

After Lester and Blanche Payne purchased what would become the Old Post Office building next door in 1920, they had local carpenter S. R. Long build this adjoining structure. 

It is built out of rusticated concrete blocks, in a Masonry Vernacular style that is typical of the boom years in Florida. The corner facing the intersection has a decorative stepped parapet accent wall. Originally there was a cantilevered second story sleeping porch that leaned out over the sidewalk; however, it was removed in 1998.

The Payne family lived on the second floor apartment and operated a hardware store out of the first floor.

Today there are several business based in this structure including a thrift shop, natural beauty shop, an organic grocery, and a commercial kitchen with grab-and-go food options.


Older Photos

As seen in 1989 with the Longwood Historic District filing.


107 E. Church Ave.