Henck House

This was the house of Longwood's founder, Edward Warren Henck. He lived in the home for most of his life in Longwood. Although some reference claim an 1870s construction date on this home, it was most likely built in 1886.  Legend has it the home was built for him by Josiah Clouser, who moved to Longwood in 1881, ruling out the theories of construction in the previous decade.

Regardless, Henck lived in the home until the "Great Freeze" in 1895. Like many after that devastating time period, he headed back up north after that winter decimated the agricultural industry in Central Florida. Henck lived in Plainfield, New Jersey and worked as a stock broker until he returned to Longwood in 1914. He moved back into this same house, where he lived until his death in 1930. His wife, Mary Henck, was invalid the last few years of her life and passed on in 1926.

Bobby Jo (Allen) and Louis T. Hunt took care of Edward and Mary as their health began to fail at the end of their lives. As a result, Henck left them his entire estate including the house. They moved into the home and owned it until the late 1970s.

Today it is the offices of Lifecare of Central Florida.


Historic Photos

1990, National Register of Historic Places filing.


398 Freeman St