Clouser House

Construction of this beautiful home started in 1882 and it was completed over the next seven years. It was the second residence in Longwood for master carpenter Josiah B. Clouser and family. Their first home was the hastily built Clouser Cottage, which still exists immediately behind it. This house was a much better exhibition of his skills as a craftsman. The family moved into this still incomplete home in 1885, eager to get out of the smaller cottage.

Since the Clouser family sold the home, it has been used in various capacities as a home, antique shop, and it was a birthing center in the 1980s. 

Brian and Kristen Roy purchased the house in 2003 to be used as a consulting business. They did painstaking renovations to the building when tragedy struck in 2006. Literally, the house was struck by lightning that did $400,000 of damage to the property they had only spent $185,000 to purchase! Thankfully the building survived the brush with death and the insurance allowed the for repairs and continued restorations. It has been completed wonderfully!

The home is an excellent example of a Frame Vernacular style with a Chinese Chippendale porch handrail. Its spindle complete the decorative touches that are typical of fine homes of that era.


Historic Photos

1990, National Register of Historic Places filing.

Josiah and Eliza Clouser

Josiah and Eliza Clouser