Bradlee-McIntyre House and Museum


Affectionately known as the "Bradlee-Mac," this home was once located in Altamonte Springs. It was built in 1883 as a luxurious cottage, one of many surrounding the Altamonte Hotel complex.

It was designed by architect Nathaniel Bradlee of Boston. It has a distinctive Queen Anne style, which largely inspired the modern (yet historic) looking Longwood Community Building just down the road. It has a castle-like tower with steep-angled gabled roof, and many decorative touches.

The house was purchased by S. Maxwell McIntyre in 1904. The family lived in the home until 1946 and thus lend their last name to the building today, along with its architect.

The local fire department planned to destroy this beautiful structure in the name of fire training. It was rescued from destruction by the tireless efforts of the Longwood Historic Society and generous donations from the community. It was relocated from Altamonte Springs to its current home in the Longwood Historic District in 1973, on land donated to the Society by Grace Bedford.

Today it serves as our museum. It is a wonderfully preserved relic that makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time into an upscale period home.


Tours are offered every second and fourth Wednesday and Sunday from 1-4PM. For groups or special tours contact (407) 332-0225.

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Photos from Inside the House (2011)

Historic Photos

Seen here in transit from Altamonte Springs to Longwood in 1973.

The Bradlee-Mac did not always border 427. Seen here looking across 427 west on Warren, the house is in the background here behind Frank Oliva Ceramic Tile, before the highway was expanded and that retailer was torn down. Photo from 1990 with the Longwood Historic District filing.


130 W Warren Ave