McIntyre Family

Compiled by Marla Pickelsimer 2018

The McIntyre family were the final owners of the Bradlee-McIntyre House. Here is some information about their family's history.

Samuel Maxwell McIntyre: final owner of the Bradlee-McIntyre

  • born October 13, 1844 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania into a pioneering Philadelphia family

  • married Mary Louise Bowlby at an undetermined date

  • July 26, 1862 entered the Union Army as a Lieutenant in the 118th Pennsylvania Volunteers

  • April 23, 1863 honorably discharged due to inflammatory rheumatism

  • Entered the University of Pennsylvania in 1863; left during sophomore year

  • wife, Mary Louise, died April 1889

  • married second wife Annie A. K. Kellogg in 1899

  • listed in 1900 census as living in Philadelphia and being employed as a stock broker and lawyer

  • owned a home in Orlando before purchasing the Bradlee estate in 1904

  • described on 1905 passport application:  age--60; height--5 feet 3 ½ inches; eyes--greyish brown;  nose--long, medium; mouth--covered by mustache; chin-square; hair--gray;  complexion--florid; face--round

  • purchased the Altamonte Hotel in March of 1906; soon resold Hotel to a previous owner

  • became active in civic affairs and public improvements in Altamonte Springs; principally responsible for “a very handsome” church

  • September 7, 1914 died at his camp on Limekiln Lake in Inlet, New York in the Adirondacks at age 69

  • buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • memorial service held in Altamonte Chapel March 6, 1915; described as “a gentleman with high ideals who was loved and respected by all who knew him”

Mary Louise Bowlby McIntyre—first wife of Samuel McIntyre

  • born 1847/8 in Philadelphia

  • no marriage date to S. M. McIntyre located

  • died April 18, 1889 in Rochester,  New York at age 41

  • buried Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia

  • no children born to the marriage located

Annie Kellogg McIntyre—second wife of S. M. McIntyre

  • born Sept. 17, 1866 in New Hartford, New York

  • parents were Henry G. Kellogg and Mary Reid (relation to founders of Kellogg cereal unknown);  Henry, recorded as a farmer in 1880 census

  • married S. M McIntyre December 24, 1898 in Manhattan, New York

  • listed in 1900 census as living in Philadelphia in the home of her husband’s parents

  • 1904 husband purchased the Bradlee-McIntyre house in Altamonte

  • enjoyed entertaining dignitaries who stayed at the Altamonte hotel; Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. and his family stayed with her

  • 1914  husband,  S. M. McIntyre, died in New York

  • 1917 Daytona Daily News  reported Mrs. McIntyre “motored over from Altamonte Springs to visit Mrs. J. Sutherland.”

  • 1920 still census recorded as a resident of New York, living in New Hartford with two aunts

  • 1930 census recorded as a widow and permanent resident of Altamonte Springs, living with her cousin

  • 1930 census recorded the value of her home as $15,000

  • 1940 recorded at age 70 still a resident of Altamonte Springs and now living alone; noted as having attended 3 years of college

  • died in her home in Altamonte Springs February 17, 1947 of  “cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, and cerebral arteriosclerosis”;  cremated—location of ashes unknown