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What do we do?

So now you're asking yourself, "What do I get out of my membership?" There a number of benefits from the social aspect to learning about local history to helping us preserve ad promote our historic district. Read on to find out some of the things that we do.

Regardless, if you love local history you should be a member! Support our preservation efforts, learn, and meet some new friends while you're at it.


Car Show Food Tent

Every month in the historic district, there is a car show that is really pretty cool--even if you're not that into cars. We take advantage of this by setting up a popular food tent in front of our headquarters building. We serve up burgers, dogs, brats, sodas, beer, wine and other goodies. This is a great chance to get to know your fellow members and it is one of our biggest fundraisers.


Bradlee-McIntyre House Docents

We love all of our buildings! But the Bradlee-Mac is our showpiece. It is a finely restored museum showing what life was like back 100+ years ago in Longwood. Train as a docent and help lead tours or help maintain this beautiful 19th century home and museum.

More info on the museum..


Quarterly Meetings

Come and make great friends at our quarterly meetings. Four times a year we host a Sunday afternoon potluck, followed by our normal business meeting. Many times we also welcome a special guest speaker, usually a historian with some really cool stories to tell.

tinker building

Promote Historic District

One of the best ways to help preserve our historic buildings is to support businesses being run in historic buildings! So we do what we can to help promote our small local businesses in the Longwood historic district and beyond.


Research and Publications

Some of our members are active in local historical research. We write interesting articles, update this web site with great info, create promotional materials, and even publish books! We welcome members to either enjoy and even take part in it if that's your bag!


Maintain Our Three Historic Properties

Our most essential mission overall though is to care four our three historic properties: the Historic Civic Center, Bradlee-McIntyre House, and the Inside-Out House. All of these buildings were saved from destruction by the Society, and if we do nothing else we must make sure that we preserve them for future generations!

Your membership helps us to do that. The cost of up keep and insurance is not cheap, and we need you to be a part of our team to keep them in good shape so the public can enjoy and learn from them.


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