Longwood Historic Society


Founded for Preservation

The Longwood Historic Society was founded in 1969 with the mission of identifying and preserving historic buildings. In 1971 the Bradlee-McIntyre House and the Inside-Out House were acquired and in 1973 they were moved to their current locations in historic Longwood.

Through a combination of grants, fundraising efforts and private funds they have been restored to their present condition. In 1998 the Society acquired the Longwood Civic League/Woman's Club building (now referred to as the Historic Civic Center). The restoration process is ongoing while the building is also being used for the Longwood Historic Society membership meetings and public rentals.

The Society conducts a variety of fundraising events each year with the monies dedicated exclusively for the maintenance and restoration efforts of the historic buildings as well as the education of the public about our region's rich history.

Longwood Historic Society has many ways for members to get involved from event committees to outreach committees and projects. All you have to do is contact us with your area of interest and we will welcome your help and support. 

The Bradlee-Mac on the move from its original home in Altamonte Springs to Longwood in 1973.

The Bradlee-Mac on the move from its original home in Altamonte Springs to Longwood in 1973.

Our Properties


Constructed in 1880, this strucure is the oldest surviving building to originally exist in Longwood. Available for rental for public gatherings and receptions.


This upscale home was built in 1885 in nearby Altamonte Springs. It was moved to Longwood by the Society in 1973. Today it is a museum open to tours.


As an early prefab home, it was assembled in 1873 in Altamonte Springs and moved to Longwood in 1973. Today it is home to a quaint shop called Cottage Gifts.